The infamous Gruffalo Costume…

Well, now you know who I am, it seems appropriate to introduce a few of the things I’ve made in the past. I can be fickle with crafts, a bit of knitting, a dab of crochet but there’s always a sewing project on the go and the Monkey realised a long time ago that he could use this to his advantage.

For in the Monkey I have a little person who seems to believe that his mother can make anything he dreams up. Whilst very sweet it’s not strictly, or in fact remotely, true. But I do love a new project!

Now the costume that most of my friends remember is the Gruffalo costume, so it feels fitting to make this my first creation to share with you.
Gruffalo Back
For his third birthday I had agreed to a Gruffalo party. Now I had seen Gruffalo costumes available to purchase and agreed to the party theme on this basis. What I didn’t allow for was the fact that in those early days the only costumes sold were far too long for a three year old, and lacked the necessary stomach padding that a skinny pre-schooler really needed to pull off the role with conviction.

And so the great summer of Gruffalo sewing began.

Now the Monkey is at best a fidget and at worst a mere blur and, looking back at his third birthday party, the photographs of him in the costume are a case in point.

Having now sadly outgrown his costume I have had to commandeer the services of an absolutely adorable replacement to model the costume.
I’ve already agreed with the Monkey that Little Pumpkin should be allowed to inherit this costume when she is big enough, but that’s a long way off.

In any case, I’m not making another Gruffalo costume.

Not for all the chocolate cake in the world…
Not for all the chocolate cake and good wine in the world…
Not for all the chocolate cake, good wine and sedatives in the world.
Gruffalo Tail
One hot summer sewing thick fur is enough for me!

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