A beanstalk to call our own.

In the past we’ve been known to dabble in the world of growing our own food with, admittedly, varying degrees of success.

Over the years there have been potatoes (a success), sweetcorn (less so – it was just too cold for them to ripen), carrots (wonky but tasty), leeks, shallots, sprouts and more.

It’s been fun but I wouldn’t say that we’ve reaped a harvest that has recovered the cost of outlay. Not in volume certainly, but maybe in taste.

Our greatest success however has been with beans.

So when spring started poking her head around the corner, the Monkey and I got all excited about growing some vegetables.

After the success of last week’s costume there was, of course, only one vegetable of choice for the Monkey to grow and that was beans!

Even more excitement was found with the discovery, in our local garden centre, of purple beans. Surely if any bean was going to grow a magical beanstalk it would be a purple bean?

And so here we are at week one of the Great Purple Bean Growing Adventure!


And here they sit, soaking up the springtime sunshine.

Bless him the Monkey prayed last night that his beans would grow and ran downstairs in the morning to see how they were doing. This may be an interesting lesson in patience, for all of us!

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