New beginnings

I’ve had a quiet few days on here.

Truth be told that after all of the (starting and) finishing of the beanstalk costume and the excitement of my birthday, the remainder of the week has been filled up with our day to day rhythms.

That’s no bad thing in that I find a peacefulness from waking up knowing that today we go to this place, meet these people, or do this thing.

Every so often its the day that the Monkey gets to catch up on retro cartoons at his after school club. I miss him. After nearly five years of him by my side I’ve learnt to walk in step with him and I still miss his hand in mine and the chance to see the world through his eyes.

But every cloud has a silver lining. So on these days the lack of the Monkey is counter balanced with a glorious whole day with Little Pumpkin and a chance to learn to walk alongside her too, even if its only figurative steps at this stage.

For in the ordinary run of things we go straight from lunchtime nap to school run. This makes Little Pumpkin very happy because there is no better point in her day than when she is reunited with the Monkey. Because the Monkey is Crazy, Unadulterated Fun. With bells on. She giggles and waves her arms as if to say “Hurrah, and now there is fun afoot. Let the crazy begin!”.

But as her mummy, an extra afternoon with her is a blessing. It often marks a change in our pace, a slowing down to really start to get to know the little girl who is blossoming before my very eyes.

The afternoon, truth be told, is her very best time of the day. And it’s nice now and then not to have to share it, or her.

It also gives me space to think and to start to form ideas of new things to make.

I’ve a few things coming together, I’ve been dreaming up designs and planning away. But all in my mind so far.

And so here sit some fabrics.

Some new and some old (loved but held back for that perfect project). Waiting for scissors to cut, needles to weave in and out, back and forth and dreams to form into reality.


Such an exciting but daunting stage. Will it work, will it be as lovely in my hands as it seems in my head?

So here’s a toast to first steps and fresh ideas.

Here’s to dreams.
And making them real.

One Thought on “New beginnings

  1. I know what you mean about cutting into fabric for the first time, it’s almost just too perfect to do it.

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