Simple pleasures.

I love birthdays. Yours, mine, anybody’s.

And today was mine.

Over the years I’ve found all manner of ways to celebrate my birthday from fancy meals out and trips away to parties with friends.

But this year’s birthday, with its preceding night of interrupted sleep, inevitable school runs and a baby’s schedule did not have the makings of a birthday to remember. In fact, I started the day with very few plans and yet it turned out to be one of my best birthdays yet.

You already know about my start to the day, with a family breakfast, lovely gifts from my children and husband (and presents, equally loved but not mentioned, from further-flung family members).

The Monkey was at his best as he skipped to school chatting away to his Dad.

Which left Little Pumpkin and me and the quandary of what best to do on a glorious day like today?

Well the Pumpkin is still on the mend and, restricted as she is in her ability to move under her own steam, has limited appreciation of the joys of playgrounds or museums.

And so we headed out to our local cafe, which happens to reside in our local garden centre. Because Little Pumpkin is already more than able to appreciate the joys of a cafe even if she is still meant to be recovering from illness. Why it’s practically medicinal.

Little Pumpkin could barely contain her excitement upon being placed in a highchair and, after closely following every plate of food that left the kitchen, was finally rewarded with more than her fair share of a toasted teacake.

She is really turning into a little girl, babbling away to me, grabbing the plate if I don’t give her some teacake quickly enough, waving to anyone who looked in her direction. A real joy to be with.

On our way out we couldn’t resist the field of yellow spring flowers swaying in the breeze.

And now have our very own piece of spring sat on our dining table.

And someone else who made his way home with us.

We took the long way home. It’s really not that much longer, but the views more than make up for it, I’m sure you’ll agree.

And then before we knew it, it was time to collect the Monkey and to make our way home from school, stopping by for a very welcome cup of tea and slice of cake at a friend’s house.

Who could ask for a better birthday? And a timely lesson for me of the peaceful satisfaction to be found in the appreciation of simple pleasures with family and friends.

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