So it’s been a bit of a rough ride recently in the hoogally house.

A nasty tummy bug swept through our family hitting one of us at a time, just to really make its presence felt.

So we retreated and kept our heads down then slowly, one by one, we got back onto our feet and shook off the dust of the previous week.

But, onwards and upwards, turning our faces towards warmer weather and new beginnings.

Which, in the manner of a 1950’s television announcer, links back to my previous post which explained that I’d had somewhat of a pause in my craftings, but was filling this time with plotting and planning New Things.

Well my mind has indeed been beavering away and these beaverings have started to bear fruit in the form of a pair of simple trousers for the Little Pumpkin this summer.

For Little Pumpkin, when not laid low poorly, has a generous tummy.

A most adorable tummy.

Just perfect for blowing raspberries into, for kissing, for cuddling your arms tightly around.
But not perfect for trousers with hard metal buttons, or tight leggings that draw her into a figure of eight.

And to be honest, I am a firm believer that a baby or toddler tummy should be celebrated, applauded and embraced.

Not constrained.

But it does make clothing a little tricky.

And so I can proudly reveal the first, of what I hope will be many, lovely elasticated rolling-around-and-having-cuddly-adventures type trousers.

I’m quite proud of them actually. My first piece of clothing for Little Pumpkin.
They aren’t lined, because these trousers are intended for summer adventures. So they are a smidgen too long at present.

But not too long for a practice run…
There are a few tweaks that I’d make to them next time.

But then I’m one of those annoying people who are never quite satisfied. Always fidgeting with a sense that if I just make this piece a shade wider and move that piece just a teeny bit to the left, that the world would be a better place.

But I digress. They work. And Little Pumpkin seems to like them.
So just you wait…

There’s a sunny day in July, waiting for these trousers.

Little white clouds will skip across the sky carried by a light refreshing breeze. Birds will be chirping away, bike bells ringing from the street mingling with the sound of laughter. If you time it right and listen hard, I think that might be the sound of an ice cream van far off in the distance.

Little Pumpkin will be toddling a bit more confidently but her hands will still be in mine, at least now and then.

Maybe we will be playing in the sandpit in the garden making tracks in the sand, or maybe we will be at the park whooshing down slides.

Shall we meet you there? It’s going to be lovely…

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