World Book Day Costume…

So the Monkey, being Very Big Indeed (or so he says) is now in the throes of his first World Book Day at school.

Did I mention that he thinks I can make any costume he can dream up?

I thought I had.

Did I mention that he has a well fed imagination?!

Well it turns out that last term’s project at school of Jack and the Beanstalk really captured that wonderful imagination.

And so, without further ado I now reveal…..

The Beanstalk Costume!


It’s not quite as polished as I intended to be, I had a few more tweaks I’d have liked to have done, some tendrils on the trousers that sort of thing. Unfortunately our family has been in the grip of a nasty tummy bug, and indeed little pumpkin is still fighting her way out of it. So time has been very much at a premium.

I wanted bean pods but the Monkey was most insistent that there should be NO BEANS MUMMY!

And yes he knows that strictly it isn’t a “character” but he had set his heart upon it. And as a mother it is my privilege, for an all too brief time, to be in the business of making his dreams come true.

He has asked every day this week “is it The Day yet?! Can I wear The Beanstalk?”.

Of these days are memories made.

One Thought on “World Book Day Costume…

  1. What a fabulous beanstalk he made! I hope Monkey enjoyed his first Book Day! x

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