Beth Made It!

I love creativity.

I love the carefully made item, patiently worked on evening after evening, love poured into each stitch, cut or brushstroke.

But I also love impulsive creativity, most often found at the hands of those too young to be misinformed that the creative must be hard work…

streaks of paint across a page…
unconstrained handfuls of glitter scattered generously…
yogurt pots, bottle lids and cereal boxes turned into the international space station.

I love the exploring-as-it-goes-and-see-what-we-discover creative process.

And so I’m planning a regular celebration of fledgling crafters and creators in the form of an “I Made It!” post each month.

And so we are starting off with a bang with this fabulous egg cosy made by Beth.
I love the bright cheerful colours that sing out to you. Absolutely perfect for a springtime breakfast and guaranteed to make you smile.
Beth said, “I liked choosing and sewing on the buttons”, and I’m sure you’ll agree that the buttons really are the crowning glory.

We have very much enjoyed having it sit in our dining room while waiting to be returned.
So thank you Beth for sharing this with us.

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