Painting memories

It’s easy to be busy.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the crazy mayhem of family life.

I love hearing the Monkey chatting away with a friend after school, their imaginations taking them wherever they desire.

I love the well rehearsed and proudly announced line in a school assembly.

I love a tightly grasped swimming badge and the smile that goes with it,
the warm welcome at our local baby group,
impromptu trips to the park,
sticky fingers and even stickier kisses,
and the breath being knocked out of me by a hug that starts five feet away with a running jump.

But its easy in this busyness to miss the miracle unfolding before my eyes.

Its easy to forget that, right in the midst of all these things, I have a little girl determinedly growing up before my very eyes.
And so last week, Little Pumpkin and I called a halt to all of the busyness, and made our way to a local ceramics cafe for a bit of quality time together painting pottery and making memories.

It was just the perfect day as the sun shone in through the cafe window and Little Pumpkin sat in a highchair smiling, watching cars drive by and blowing kisses at the people who came in to collect their items.

There was freshly brewed coffee for me and a cookie for the Pumpkin. There was music in the background and friendly conversation.

We were highly industrious, fuelled as we were by caffeine and sugar.
And Little Pumpkin got her first taste of painting and found it to be highly agreeable.

Particularly the paintbrushes.
IMG_3801 2
We have been waiting excitedly for a week to pass to collect our items.

Finally the day dawned and off we ran to collect our items, all lovingly wrapped up in tissue and a brown paper bag.

And here they sit, ready to bring a ray of sunshine to everyday meals, helping me to remember my beautiful one year old who loves to blow kisses to strangers while watching the world drive by.

2 Thoughts on “Painting memories

  1. What a lovely idea – wish I’d thought of that when my little boy was one! (he’s 3 now). Will have to find a craft cafe and make some memories too.

    • Susan on May 22, 2014 at 12:05 am said:

      If you can’t find a suitable local craft cafe I think you can buy pottery painting kits, but I think the end result is a bit less able to withstand daily wear and tear than a properly fired one.
      But still a lot of fun painting them I’m sure!

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