Super Cute Scandi Style Embroidery

Some of you may remember a previous post of mine discussing a deal that I made with my son.

In short, the Monkey agreed to be less upset about the Christmas decorations coming down and in return I agreed that we would have a go at making our home “sparkle’ a little bit more throughout the year. But the Monkey is a firm believer that homemade is best so we’ve had to do this with our own hands rather than a trip to the shops or an evening trawling the internet.

So when I signed up to a blog-world mass crafting event I knew that I would have to make something for our home.

After all… a deal is a deal, and we shook on it.

So here’s the finished project, my super cute scandi inspired cushion cover embroidery.
And the Monkey is ever so pleased with it. To quote him, “it’s fantastic mummy, its awesome”.


And here’s the pattern.

Now you can use these lovely little flowers to cheer up a cushion cover of your own but please don’t feel tied to my layout or, in fact, to using them on a cushion cover at all.

Let your imagination roam. Just promise me one thing, ok?

Use them to make your home feel loved in, as well as lived in.

So how about a Scandi style apron to cheer up the back of your kitchen door? Just pop those flowers on the pocket and maybe add a bit of matching ric rac along the hem and away you go.

Or how about Scandi-fying your bathroom with some bright blue flowers on crisp white towels?

In fact, pillowcases, curtains, clothing, even clusters of framed pictures or decorative mini embroidery hoops. They could all benefit from a bit of Scandi cheer.

Need more impact?

How about a splash of applique on some of the leaves, or breaking out of the restraints of monochrome into a riot of colour?

You could even liberate these flowery guys from their little square homes if you wanted… I’m sure they won’t mind.

What I’m trying to say is that these few, small, simple flower designs are just the starting point. It’s your imagination, love and effort that will transform both the designs themselves, and whatever corner of your home in which you choose to place them.

So, if you’re ready to let these little flowers loose in your home (whether on something you’ve made or something you’ve bought) then you’ll need at least some of the following items:

  • The item that you want to embroider;
  • A printout of your chosen flower design, resized to suit your chosen item;
  • Scissors;
  • Needle;
  • Embroidery Thread in your colour of choice (I used anchor stranded cotton 400 for the vast majority, and a smattering of Anchor’s 233 thread for contrast);
  • Embroidery Hoop of sufficient diameter to contain a whole scandi square;
  • Water Erasable Marker Pen/Dressmakers Chalk Pencil;
  • Stabiliser (optional); and
  • Normal thread (if attaching a stabiliser with temporary tacking stitches).


So, what do you do now you’ve got all this stuff?

1. If you are using a stabiliser then you’ll need to start by attaching it to the back of the fabric, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

2. The next step is to transfer the pattern to your fabric.

Now there are many methods of transferring a pattern,  but in this case I cut the template to make a stencil. I find this keeps the transferred design closer to the size of the original than simply drawing around the outside of a shape.
I traditionally use a tailor’s chalk pencil but as the fabric was quite textured I thought I’d be a bit crazy and branch out to an erasable marker.

It’s worth adding at this point that, if you are using the square outlines, then I would recommend that you draw and embroider these first and then go back and repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 for the flowers themselves.

This helps you to iron out any wonky lines prior to investing time sewing the detail of the flower designs. It also makes it far easier to centre the design in the squares.

3. Moving on, place the part of the fabric which you are about to sew in the centre of an embroidery hoop and make sure it is tight without being overly stretched in any one particular direction.


4. Go go sew!

I used three strands out of six strands of embroidery thread. If you are sewing on a smaller scale or using a finer fabric then you may find two strands to be perfectly adequate.
Most of the pattern is stitched using a simple backstitch but, as you’ll see in the pattern, I also used a whipped backstitch for the outline squares, a split stitch on the stems and a double running stitch on the detail of the cup shaped flower.

Wherever there is a little blob on the pattern, I simply stitched a small star.

That said, the entirety of this design can be sewn in backstitch with no significant detriment to the final result.

5. Once finished, remove the stabilising fabric, press with an iron and enjoy your newly scandi-fied item!
I’d love to hear about, or even better see, your completed projects. It’s easy to sit here at my computer throwing my words and ideas out there to the wide-open-impersonal-internet. It’s lovely to see where they have taken root and the fruit that they have borne.

And it goes without saying that I’d love you to use this tutorial and scandi-fy all manner of items for yourself or as gifts for friends but please don’t make any to sell. Feel free to re-pin, copy, or borrow a couple of photos to spread the word, but please link back to this post and credit me. Please don’t share the pattern itself or my little ‘how-to-do’ guides on your site.

Stop Press!

If this has whet your appetite for flower related craftiness then why not pop over to Bugs and Fishes to see the full array of flowery tutorials available for your use and enjoyment.


If you fancy including those cute little birds in your design then you can now download my pattern for these friendly fellows here.

Happy sewing!

23 Thoughts on “Super Cute Scandi Style Embroidery

  1. Your cushion is great, I especially love the little bird!

    • Susan @ Hoogally on May 20, 2014 at 2:15 pm said:

      Thanks for dropping by.

      I think the bird may secretly be my favourite square, he’s really grown on me sitting there!

      Maybe I’ll neaten up the pattern for him and put it on in a subsequent post.

  2. Oh that’s lovely… thank you so much for sharing.

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  4. I’m in love… thanks for the wonderful tutorial!

  5. It’s SO beautiful! I thought it was printed at first! Amazing project for the link-up 🙂

  6. Oh, I love it, totally my kind of thing!

  7. just come over from Bugs and Fishes. Love your embroidery.

  8. What a lovely fresh design. Might give this one a go some time. Thanks for sharing.

  9. This must be the cutest embroidery on pillows! So cute with the little birds and flowers 🙂

  10. traci on June 9, 2014 at 12:38 am said:

    I saw the thumbnail on craft gossip and had to jump on over! We’re into mid century modern furniture, specifically Danish, so this fits perfectly! I plan on framing the embroidery and putting it on one of our Cado shelves. Thanks!

  11. this is such a lovely pattern, thanks for sharing!

  12. Claudia on June 11, 2014 at 6:54 am said:

    Thank you so much for this pretty pattern!

  13. These are so cute–thank you for sharing the pattern! I’m in the process of decorating a new apartment, and adorable embroidery projects like this really make it seem so much more fun. 🙂

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  16. The pdf has 3 flower patterns. Id the bird available and the larger flower squares?

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  18. I would love to have the Scandi tree! And also the tulip pattern if that might be made available as well. Thank you so much for sharing thepatterns for such a wonderful embroidered cushion!

    • Susan on March 10, 2015 at 2:43 pm said:

      Hi, thanks for your response.

      The tulip motif is in the original pattern that I posted so that’s an easy request to sort.

      I’ll do the tree shortly as a new post so keep an eye out for it!

      If you’re doing a pattern and want to get on with it then there’s no need to wait – just leave a space that’s the same width as the other motifs but twice as long.

      Happy sewing!

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