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And breathe….

And so we’ve now got back into the routine of school runs and toddler groups again, I’ve finally had time to reflect on the summer.

It’s been a good summer but a challenging one, balancing the needs of a toddler who couldn’t walk reliably and a five year old boy who could, the toddler who wanted to go out and DO THINGS and the five year old who wanted to play Lego or watch Scooby Doo (or a certain Dragon film).

As a result of this juggling act, trying to keep all the plates in the air, my energy levels took a hammering, and my creative times did too.

Which I find interesting because I’ve always said (and still believe it to be true) that being creative ‘feeds’ me.

I think that this summer all my creativity went into making our days work and be fun.

There may have been a certain amount of dispute resolution too…

That said, we managed to be creative on one level, be it more dependant on wind and sun and soil than paper or thread.
And managed to enjoy a bit of the natural creativity around us on a few trips out.
But it was mostly dragons.

And Lego.

And more dragons.


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