And now time for something a little different…

In a departure from my usual needle and thread based endeavours I recently decided to try something a little different.

A little off the beaten track, for me.

Being naturally cautious (and fearful of heights) I steered around the sky diving and bungee jumping and headed straight for a lino-printing and stamp-making class.

Now there are some of you that will recall lino cutting from your school days, but not me. I have vague memories of there being lino cutting but I don’t specifically remember being entrusted with a foamy sheet and a sharp implement.

In retrospect, and given my track record of accidents, this was probably a wise omission from my education.

In any event, I can now highly recommend such off-piste crafty adventures.

I loved experiencing the texture that lino-cutting affords you. I found myself having to really think about the spaces in my designs as much as the lines.

So a fun day, a new skill experienced (though far from mastered) and a challenge to reflect on the spaces in my sewing, and my current under-use of texture.

And in the meantime, here are the fruits of my efforts.

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