It’s beginning to look… a bit… like Christmas

Well folks, I’m afraid there’s no denying it, there’s definitely a hint of Christmas in the air.

Maybe not full blown sleigh-bells-ringing-holly-and-mistletoe time, but there’s definitely a whisper of mince pies and gingerbread starting to appear.

Or maybe that’s just the lack of self control that more than one member of the Hoogally household has around christmas food.

Now every family has its Christmas traditions and the Hoogally household is no exception. In amongst trips to choose the tree and new pyjamas is our visit to Chatsworth House to see their decorations.

Each year’s decorations are on a different theme. Previously we’ve been treated with trips to the world of Pantomime, the magical kingdom of Narnia and a celebration of carols. This year we travelled through Wonderland with a girl called Alice.

After much deliberation (rivalled only by the annual ‘how early can you buy a tree so that it will still be chirpy and bright on Christmas day’ debate) we decided that this was ‘The Weekend” and so off to Chatsworth we went.
Now we’ve been spoilt by years of breathtaking decorations but I will admit this year is not their most festive one. That said, the decorations are magical, entertaining and fantastic with just the right (and necessary) hint of the surreal. The Monkey and Pumpkin loved every minute of it and wanted to go back in so it was clearly a hit.

I don’t want to spoil it for anyone going and so here a just few hints of what you might see. You can however rest assured that the main attractions shall remain elusively secret for you to discover. After all, isn’t the joy of surprise one of the best parts of Christmas?
IMG_0896 2
Once outside we were treated to carol singers, brass bands and festive horse and cart rides.
And scenes that you want to breathe in and keep in your heart as an antidote to those less peaceful, less perfect moments.
IMG_1039 2
Of days like these, are memories made.

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