Happy New Year!

This post was meant to go up yesterday, and was meant to have pictures and suchlike. Unfortunately the Little Pumpkin and I are marking the new year by being ill. Some posts I can discard, but when I share part of my journey it feels disloyal to abandon the post due to an absence of pictures. So please accept my apologies for the lack of illustration.

And so as we come to the end of the year it occurs to me that exactly a year ago Mr Hoogally and I decided to invest in our family more. For us, that took the form of me giving up work to be at home full time.

About this time last year the idea really started to take the form of something Quite Serious. It became not only an idea that might possibly be viable but also something that we really wanted to make work. The next adventure for our family.

It took a few more hoops to jump through, some paperwork to sign, bits and pieces, but this point a year ago was the pivot point, the point when your legs tense up just before you start sprinting, the point when the direction of the sea saw changes.

This time, a year ago, was the time that our hearts jumped, even if the rest of our lives took a month or two to catch up.

Since then, over the course of the year each event, each festival has been seen through the lens of the first one since I’ve stopped working.¬†And so this moment, right now, feels like a milestone in itself. Because this marks the end of that first year the end of all those “firsts”. It really marks the beginning of the permanence of our decision.

There are no plans at present for me to dust off my suits, no route map back to the career ladder and no idea of the direction our path it will take.

There have been challenges – we’ve had to rethink how we choose to spend our money; what matters and what doesn’t matter so much. We’ve had to sacrifice certain things like the luxury of a second car. I’ve had to grapple with the old chestnut of ‘how do you find rest when your home is your workplace’.

No way of life worth living is without challenge.

But it’s my blessing to live in the present, unburdened by the need to carry future plans, allowed to dream dreams but not be bound by them and, most importantly of all, to be privileged enough to be a first hand witness to my children growing up, to be their supporter from the sidelines, to be their guide, their encourager and their sanctuary.

I know that family life is unique to each family, but this is how ours looks. This is our dream for our family. This is our adventure.

So, as we pause on the edge of a new year and all the excitement and adventures and challenges that this new year may hold, I’d like to take the opportunity to wish you a year that sees you dreaming bigger dreams than ever before.

Happy New Year

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