I’m Susan.

My home is my heart and my family is the beat that pulses through it.

I’ve worked in the past whilst a parent but, for the time being, am a stay at home mum to two beautiful children.

When I’m not playing chase, cosying up with a book and a child, changing a nappy or serving a meal then you’ll find me planning, plotting or doing craft. After my family it’s what makes me, “me”.

So why Hoogally?

Many moons ago, before there were nappies or school runs (was there ever such a time?!) my husband and I travelled over to visit some new friends in Denmark. While there we came across the words “hyggelig” and “hygge”. Please (all of Denmark) forgive my poor second hand explanation.

Hygge is togetherness, cosyness. It’s a warm space to enjoy life together; hanging out under thick blankets or sitting around a table sharing good food.

Good conversation with good friends.

It’s oversized blankets, thick scarves and candlelight when it’s cold, picnics in the park or barbecues with friends when it’s warm.

So take a Danish word, pass it through a native English speaker to us and hyggelig became Hoogally. If you say it out loud it’s a little more understandable, and forgivable – I hope!

And that’s my heart for my home and my family – that space, when the days challenges have been faced and met, when wrongs have been righted, mountains climbed, lessons learned and all the fun possible squeezed out of the day.

To return home, take off our coats and to be with one another.

A space of acceptance. A place where we can put down the day, stop, pause and live in the moment alongside one another. No to do lists, no clocks, no judgement. Just hanging out, sharing our hearts, sharing food, sharing laughter, dreaming dreams.

With blankets. I really love blankets!

But the guest list isn’t limited to my family of four, friends are welcome too and you, you out there, you’re welcome too.

So kick off your shoes, put down your day and hang out for a while. Let’s share some Hoogally!

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