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Ellie Made It!

So today we are being treated to another brilliant balloon jellyfish, this time courtesy of Ellie.

Ellie’s jellyfish has a mass of swirling twirling tentacles to catch your eyes and a fantastic furry smile in case you are ever in need of cheering up.

My favourite part, however, is his jaunty little sun hat.
And here is Ellie hard at work making her jellyfish friend. Just look at all those fantastic ribbons.
IMG_1165 2
Thank you Ellie for sharing him with us.

But wait… I can’t finish without sharing a little jellyfish secret.

You see, every time you walk past them they move in the breeze and their shiny ribbon-y tentacles twist and turn as if to say a wibbly jellyfish ‘hello’. It almost makes you want to walk past them just for fun.

And if that doesn’t make you smile then I don’t know what will. Thank you Keira and Ellie. You make the best balloon jellyfish.

Keira Made It!

And so we find ourselves with another fantastic “I made it!” and very excitingly it’s a double episode!

So our first talented crafter is Keira who, along with her sister, has made a brilliant balloon jellyfish.

These are always my favourite posts and my favourite projects. I love the fact that when children craft there’s no limit to their creativity, no restraint, no holding back.

And why should there be?

Quite frankly if you’re a homemade jellyfish then I can see no reason not to have as many ribbons and decorations as possible.

I’m sure you’ll agree that Keira (and her sister Ellie, as you’ll see in tomorrow’s post) have both ensured that their balloon jellyfish are as magnificent as any jellyfish could possibly want to be.

My favourite parts are the beautiful ribbon tentacles, twisting and twirling as if they were swimming along in the sea.
And here is Keira working away on her jellyfish.
IMG_1168 2
Thank you for sharing your jellyfish with us Keira, his big bright smile has cheered up our house while he visited us.

Joseph Made It!

Well, doesn’t time fly?!

It doesn’t seem a month since we saw Beth’s egg cosy but here we are with our second instalment of “I made it!” and it’s all very exciting.

Because today we have not one but two crafty creations for you lovely people, courtesy of Joseph and his mum.

And what better way to introduce them than through the words of their creator, Joseph, who said “These are our Sock-Pumpkins, I made a pumpkin shape by putting socks in it”.

Joseph’s stripey orange and blue sock-pumpkin is called “Conker”.

His favourite part of Conker is, very wisely, the mouth “because it shines”.

But most importantly of all is the fact that “he is friendly and he likes me to cuddle him”.

A vital attribute in any sock-pumpkin and, I think, a clear sign of a successful afternoon’s crafting.

But we can’t finish this post without having a look at his mum’s sock-pumpkin too.
Unfortunately, at the time of asking, Joseph didn’t know this particular individual’s name but he did say that “I love mummy’s art”.

Wise words indeed Joseph, and thank you for sharing your fantastic craft. We have enjoyed them very very much.

Beth Made It!

I love creativity.

I love the carefully made item, patiently worked on evening after evening, love poured into each stitch, cut or brushstroke.

But I also love impulsive creativity, most often found at the hands of those too young to be misinformed that the creative must be hard work…

streaks of paint across a page…
unconstrained handfuls of glitter scattered generously…
yogurt pots, bottle lids and cereal boxes turned into the international space station.

I love the exploring-as-it-goes-and-see-what-we-discover creative process.

And so I’m planning a regular celebration of fledgling crafters and creators in the form of an “I Made It!” post each month.

And so we are starting off with a bang with this fabulous egg cosy made by Beth.
I love the bright cheerful colours that sing out to you. Absolutely perfect for a springtime breakfast and guaranteed to make you smile.
Beth said, “I liked choosing and sewing on the buttons”, and I’m sure you’ll agree that the buttons really are the crowning glory.

We have very much enjoyed having it sit in our dining room while waiting to be returned.
So thank you Beth for sharing this with us.


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