How to do: Backstitch

Now this is a bit of an old friend, my trusty backstitch.

It’s not ideal if you want the back of the stitches to be seen (you’d want double running stitch for that) but other than that it’s strong, its neat and its simple to do. Sure it takes a bit longer than running stitch but I love the rhythm of sewing backstitch.

So, less talking, more sewing…

Let’s get started with a simple individual stitch. Nothing fancy, but I’d suggest you sew from the front of the stitch to the back as that’s what you’ll be doing for the rest of your stitches. Then, take your needle and bring it up along the line that you are sewing but leaving a stitch sized gap.
Now you want to bring your needle down through the fabric where you first started. In order to make your finished result as neat as possible, its best to try to re-use the hole at the front of the previous stitch.
Then simply pull the thread tight to complete your next stitch.
After that, it’s just a case of repeating these steps until you have the backstitching of your heart’s desire.


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