How to do: Whip Stitch

So this is a stitch I use for attaching two pieces of fabric together, most often the outer edges of the fabric. You can, however, also use it to attach one piece of fabric which is sitting on top of a larger piece of fabric.

1. So your starting point is two pieces of fabric, one of top of the other. Secure your thread and bring your needle up through the top piece of fabric (I’ll call it “top fabric” from now on).

2. Bring the needle and thread around the front of the edge of your fabric, and place the needle so that the point is directly beneath where the thread came up through the top fabric.

Now bring your needle through both pieces of fabric, but on a slant.

As you can see, this means that you are coming up through the top fabric, further along the seam. This both completes your first stitch and starts your next stitch.

3. Continue this pattern of bringing the thread in front of the seam, and the needle up through both layers of fabric on a slant, until you have completed your sewing. Finish off securely.

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